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During the mid 80’s many businesses spent 70% on delivery and only 30% on their marketing. In today’s society things have reversed. To expect your business to achieve it’s potential your marketing needs to have the fluidity and flexibility to meet challenging times.

At eaW Limited we achieve this over several processes.

A good brief is the major part that you will play in the process. At eaW Limitedwe will not dictate to you, but, unlike others, listen and learn from your previous experiences. A fully formatted Plan of Action (PoA) is then presented.

Asking for potential clients opinion is something that people will very rarely turn down. We need to know where your customers are and what they think about business in your industry sector. Don’t be afraid of hearing the worse. As the song goes, ‘things can only get better’.

Brand and Logo Development
Do you use your brand and logo effectively and do you know where it sits in the market place for potential clients?
We will assess your brand and develop it both creatively and visually. Having a brand that is recognisable is one that will be sub-consciously remembered by potential clients. We will ensure your logo is developed and designed to fit the market place and the current times.

eaW Checklist
A full checklist will be presented to show time-lines and costings on the project ahead. This can include the following: Branding, Point of Sale, Visual Marketing, Online development, Printed Literature, Video production, Radio campaigns, Press campaigns and simply helping you to use the power of ‘word of mouth’

Bringing our ideas together ready for implementation requires a great deal of ‘crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s’. This can be a time consuming process but at eaW Limited we aim to get things right.

On-going evaluation
We will not wave you goodbye at the completion stage. Our on-going policy to develop and assist in future campaigns is one that we are proud of and many good business friends have been built up this way.

At eaW Limited…¬†creativity is guaranteed.

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