A creative company with an extensive knowledge of the sport, leisure, education and B2B marketplaces. Offering design, print, website development and marketing.

eaW Limited is a company where....
creativity is guaranteed.

company branding
Making your company or club stand out from the crowd or react to the correct target audience is a process that excites and challenges our team of designers and marketeers. As you continue to turn the business wheel of success we are your support team that enables your brand, logo, strap line and image to flourish in its competitive surroundings.

Attracting new business to your door is not just achieved by word-of-mouth. A clear marketing strategy that follows a systematic approach is something every business requires. Let us take the strain and create the vision for your business.

creative graphic design
Ideas for creative design can be formulated in any surroundings and at any time. Our brainstorming consultation sessions aid in the flow of ideas and visions for each client individually.

web development
Technology has moved at such a pace that websites that were ground breaking 8 years ago are now almost laughable. Budget does play a part but we think the future of your website is in the hands of our careful planning, creative designing and successful programming.

brochure and prospectus

The need to present future clients with a tangible presented prospectus or brochure is vitally important. Our approach to these documents are thorough and detailed coupled with great fun and satisfaction. These jobs shouldn't have to be tough!